Calf Ventilation System


Product Overview

JF McKenna’s Calf Ventilation System provides a constant supply of fresh air to all parts of the calf shed, which improves the health of calves and productivity.

Fresh air is critical to the health of calves, as dust, humidity, condensation and damp beds are all a precursor to pneumonia and health problems in animals. A lack of adequate ventilation will also lead to a build up of microoganisims and ammonia, which also threatens the animals health.

A custom length tube with multiple air holes distribute air evenly throughout the house, without creating draughts. The system provides positive supply of fresh air to the animal’s immediate location, diluting foul air and ensuring even temperatures irrespective of outside weather conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Constant clean air movement

  • Air distribution to the animals immediate environment

  • Reduced cases of pneumonia due to improved air quality and even temperature

  • Simple installation and operation

  • Low running costs

  • Up to 100ft tube with holes positioned according to a customer’s requirements

  • Especially designed for the calf house