Poultry equipment, mushroom equipment and horticulture equipment UK and Choretime parts from JF McKenna

J F McKenna Ltd aims to ensure that sufficient measures are taken in order to produce safe and legally compliant products to the specified quality required by customers.

Quality management is an important aspect of our operations with internal and external auditing conducted throughout the manufacturing process from the initial intake of raw materials to the dispatch of the final product to customers. Safety and quality policies and procedures have been implemented which meet both regulatory requirements and industry best practice, consequently demonstrating the competence of our company to customers, as well as independent authorities.

J F McKenna Ltd is committed to good manufacturing practice and employees are provided with relevant training which enables them to perform their tasks in a manner which ensures that the quality and safety of our products is not compromised. Consultation with employees in relation to product safety and quality contributes to a continual improvement culture and enhanced consistency of performance and reliability.

The company has a clearly defined organisational structure which clarifies the responsibilities of employees at all levels of the organisation whose activities affect product safety and quality. An annual review is conducted by senior management to verify the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Communication arrangements are in place to ensure that the product safety and quality policy is understood by all employees, as well as being available to customers and other interested parties.