Poultry equipment, mushroom equipment and horticulture equipment UK and Choretime parts from JF McKenna

Mission Statement

The Motto of JF McKenna Ltd Is:

We endeavour to continuously improve upon the knowledge and proficiency of our in house and field staff, to recognise and respond to the progressively more demanding requirements of our customers worldwide.

The Mission Statement of JF McKenna Ltd Is:

Our mission is to be one of the foremost Packaging suppliers within Northern Ireland with the emphasis on our customer and the consumer to enhance the benefits to employees, customers and consumer of a quality assured product.


To achieve this JF McKenna Ltd will Endeavour to:

  • To offer high quality products.
  • To provide a first rate standard of customer service.
  • To provide trays to the standard required by our customers within time limits agreed with our customers.
  • To provide trays that comply with the BRC/IOP packaging standard.
  • To have a responsible and caring attitude towards the community and environment within which we operate.
  • Comply with the legal and safety obligations.