Founded in the mid-1960's by John F. McKenna, the company began as mushroom packaging manufacturers. 


Following a period of growth in the mushroom industry, the company expanded its offering to include printed packaging, thermoforming, extrusion, ventilation equipment and sophisticated computer controls.

Since the 1960s we have diversified, strengthened and developed our business into the four key areas we operate in today: mushrooms (includinghouses, shelving and packaging), poultry, horticulture and pigs – a brand new facet to the business in 2016.

At our 6,000m2 plant in Co Armagh, we now employ over 50 staff and nearly the same number of sub-contractors, all driven with our vision and values – our commitment to providing our customers with the most efficient, effective and economically sound services without compromise.

We have obtained many accreditations including the British Retail Consortium Packaging Certificate (BRC) and the NQA Environmental Management Award.

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